Get started building your own Digital Marketing business in 2 weeks with these 2 skills and, this framework!! Charging clients 2-3k / month..

What skills and framework?? 

Facebook Advertising inter-connected with Google Advertising for Local Businesses! Paired with a unique/proven re-targeting framework!

Why is this so powerful? Let's learn for a minute...

How I started In Digital Marketing!!
What is included in the training?
Check out what one of my Local Business clients is saying! Crazy Results!
Let Me Explain...
See local businesses always need business, it is a reoccurring thing.. This business model allows you to produce a solid reoccurring revenue stream, while creating plenty of free time to do what you love. It is a win, win, win, maybe even more wins... O ya plus you can work from home... And you probably are already on Facebook right?? There is another win, win..

Marketing will always exist.. Businesses will always need clients, and will always use the latest viable methods. They will always pay well, and roll out the red carpet, for marketers who know how to get results! I will teach you how to do this in this program! Today the best method known for Marketing Local Businesses is the Facebook + Google Search Combination.. Facebook has its benefits, as well as Google, but when you combine them synergistically it is exponentially more effective..

I don't know of any other marketers, except those I have trained, utilizing this framework correctly. There is huge opportunity for those of you who take action and learn this.

I have been running a digital marketing business for close to 5 years now.. I have trained and mentored around 160 students over the past 2 years. I have also clocked more than 150 hours of training through personal marketing mentor-ship. In this new training, I have distilled all of this experience into ONE PROGRAM THAT CAN BE LEARNED AND EXECUTED IN 2 WEEKS. 

I have learned what works best (in many industried), what you need to know, and how to get you started producing fast.. Now let's get after it!!

There is no better time than now to learn this skill!! Take positive steps towards a brighter future! FAITH is power to move mountains!!

"How To Build A Digital Marketing Business In 2 Weeks" is a distilled version, maybe more powerful, than the past Marketing Masters Program where I have trained more than 160 students how to build their marketing business.. So I decided to share with you some reviews from the past school so you can see for yourself that these skills produce!

New Students Colin and his wife Lauren, AFTER ONLY 1 WEEK IN THE PROGRAM already launching winning ads!
Raleigh was one of the first to sign up for the Marketing Masters Program last summer!! He now has 9 paying clients!
See what Danny Barrera another fellow experienced online marketer has to say about the program, awesome review bro!👇😮

Christina was in charge of calling the leads for one of my clients, Kandra is a student of mine, and I caught them on a Facebook live and (with their permission)!

Colin and his wife Lauren, were some of my top students from my first Marketing Program. I now have 2 more years experience training Digital Marketers..

Frequently Asked Questions:
How Much Can I Make?
*Just 4 clients per month = an extra $6,000 - $12,000 / month & $48,000 - $144,000 / year
*What about 10 clients per month? That equals = an extra $15,000 - $30,000 / month & $120,000 - $360,000 / year
*What about 25 clients per month? That equals = an extra $37,000 - $75,000 / month & $444,000 - $900,000 / year
Are you seeing the value yet?? I hope so! 
How Long Is The Course??
You can take this course in a week or in a month it really is up to you. 
How Long Will I Have Access?
You will have access to the program for 1 year, so you have plenty of time to take it at your leisure. However if your serious, I would recommend going through it and building your business now!
What Is Needed To Start This Business?
Well basically all you need to get started is a Facebook Account, a desktop or laptop computer, these skills and understanding, and you will need a landing page building software (there are many options ranging from $40 - $100 / month). Very low overhead for this business, people are basically paying your for your skill-set. (On the next page you will see a video explaining ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS BUSINESS! - Click the green button!)

I hold no affiliation with Facebook, Youtube, Or Pinterest.. 
I am an individual and independent business Kingdom Awake Communications LLC

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